Friday, June 09, 2006

Freaky Friday

Fresh faced Lindsay Lohan, all of 18, enjoying the glory of emerging starlet-hood circa 2004. She just finished the hit Mean Girls, and was pretty much Disney's golden girl with Freaky Friday and Herbie Fully loaded under her belt. The world is her oyster.2006: Poor Walt is rolling over in his headless grave, and those oysters may not be to safe to eat anymore. WTF is this girl doing to herself? Seriously. She was hanging all over Karl Lagerfeld last week at an event... just Eeeeew, and last night this was her at the Celebrate Love event at the Cartier Mansion:
Look at her pupils. If you can find them that is. I heard that SNL friends were trying to intervene and help her. What is it with this generation of actors going all retro 70's Hollywood with the drugs, booze, and partying? She looks older than me in that photo. Ok, well not quite but she needs a month away somewhere.
Anyway, I just had to post that and vent. Such stupidity! Drugs are Bad! I hope she is just popping Vicodins and not snorting heroin like has been rumored around.
The ground around my foundation finally reached saturation point. Thank you rain Gods! I needed to see if my basement would still flood before I invested thousands in finishing it.
Tonight is the school "Country Fair." I shit you not. It used to be the Fun Fair, and on a Saturday morning, but I guess they felt the need to reinvent it, *shrugs*. My kids are psyched because there is going to be a dunk tank and the principal is going to sit in it. LMAO I feel like I am living the Brady Bunch!
Anyway, hopefully the rain will not spoil the evening. Have a great weekend all.


Dave Amirault said...

I'd still do her. And she's just not down with hard work an exercise. Doing a few lines of blow a day certainly curbs your hunger, so why go running when you can be keyed up on the white pony?!

Seriously, I'd still do her.

Brain Diva said...

I read an article about her in Vanity Fair a few months ago, and she comes from a pretty screwed up family. Tina Fey and Lorne Michaels have supposedly tried to put her back on track. So has Meryl Streep. It is pretty sad. On TDS last night, Jon was saying that you want to put your arms around her and tell her she doesn't need to live her whole life in a month. Hopefully, she will see the light before having completely self-destroyed.

Country Fair? How quaint! ;)

Jamie: said...

I KNOW! I love her, too. She used to be SO CUTE back when she wasn't way too skinny and way too tan and way to strung out, 20 lbs. ago, when she had a lovely figure... and I mean ACTUAL FIGURE. Why do women in Hollywood want to look like 12-year old boys?

Dave Amirault said...

Shut up, she's doing just fine. I'm hoping she keeps up this self destructive past, is so f'ed up out of her mind that I may actually get one chance with her due to her diminished brain functions.

Coke it up Lindz, coke it up.

krysten said...

worse than that...she's got a little sister...hopefully she'll learn from Lindsay's mistakes and not follow in her footsteps.

Giovanna said...

Dave maybe she'll be at Sundance next year and you can make your move. You oughtta call Mirabelli for some tips.

Dave Amirault said...

Sweet, I'll probably be out there for that... SCORE!