Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Your vote matters!

T minus less than three hours until we find out who is going to the finale on Idol. It pains me to say it, but I think Elliot is going home. *sniff* He really has such a great voice. I have nothing against Taylor, really... but God, why does everyone love him? Do you really see him on album covers and red carpets? Look at me, stereotyping the system instead of celebrating that we aren't picking a cardboard cutout star but a S&P haired older goofy dude. That said, Elliot isn't exactly Brad Pitt. (Though growing out all the hair has helped!) I guess we all have our favorites.

Speaking of favorites, do you think Simon kills it to visions of Katherine McPhee singing? *snort* I have to say, she is hott (with two t's yes.)

What's more disturbing? The fact that almost 40 million American's vote for Idol contestants, or that 63% of Americans don't mind that the government is collecting data on their phone records?

Yep, you keep trading safety for freedom.

"Oh but we're not looking at how much money is in their bank accounts, we're just looking to see who has one."

"We're not actually recording the phone calls, we'd have to disclose that by law."

"Mr. Smith, how long has your son been friends with Ahmed?"

Bush recently scored a 29% approval rating in a Harris/WSJ poll. That's Carter Iran Contra low. Nixon Watergate low.

They are polling completely different people obviously.

And I have a brilliant idea. Why don't they hire Mexicans to build this 300 mile triple-layered fence? Then they'd have jobs in Mexico?

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