Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Gray's Anatomy *spoilers*

I agree with Jamie. Derek is officially Dr. McDickhead.

However, the whole storyline of Denny, Izzy and the "family" of residents sticking together brought me to tears. When Alex picked her up off the bed, I had no words. I hope they continue to flesh him out more next season. What's really funny is he is truly the epitome of a surgical intern/resident personality-wise. (For the most part, LOL) There are dozen's of Karev's at my hospital; arrogant, aggressive, and no emotions wasted.

I am baking my own energy bars. I got the recipe off Food TV. My house smells all cinnamony. I think I might wrap them nice and sell them at soccer games to raise money for the walk.

What if? has had a bunch of stories posted in the last week. The most recent exercise was to write a story with only dialog, no exposition. Please visit.

I swear I saw the sky brightening. It's dark again though. That's a road in Worburn, MA. LOL Rumor has it we might see some sun breaks tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Derek is Dr. McDickhead but Meridith is Ms McSlutty. It takes two to tango and she knows he's married too. I was very disappointed that the writers felt they needed to act on these desires. With all the things that were going on there was no reason to do that.

Bee said...

I love the kiddie pic! Is that flooded road? =D

MyUtopia said...

I love the picture! Hope the rain lets up soon!

Leesa said...

that is not a road, is it? And I have been baking some bars lately myself. Yummy and I can make them a tad healthier.