Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Live Killers

Ok, non-Idol watchers have to be patient or skip ahead.

First of all, I want to know how much Queen sales go up on iTunes after this week's episode.

I love Queen. You are looking at a woman who listened to "A Night at the Opera" on an original Sony Walkman cassette player until the tape freaking broke.

Obviously, I have a few thoughts. But you all knew that was coming.

Kellie Pickler singing Bohemian Rhapsody:
Old Yeller. Black Beauty. Think any beloved pet or fictional animal hero that broke a leg or had a fatal illness that precipitated shooting it in the head to put it out of ourits misery. WTF is it with the judges loving that? She was flat as hell, yet they went off on Ace(more on him in a minute) and said nothing to her?? The hell? I can't wait to see what Michael K has to say. LOL.

It's really cute. You are adorable. But not the next American Idol. How many more weeks must we sacrifice decent contestants so you can remain on to humor everyone????

I still hate Bucky. And I can offer constructive criticism. He has no range, and bad teeth.

I love Chris. Love love. Like, he has serious the serious real-rock-lust-charisma thing, with a good voice to boot. Top three, all the way. Tied with Katherine---she is the female Chris.

But Elliot...
His voice is so pure; so good. I have to tell you, tonight I had this revelation. Elliot reminds me of this guy I sang with in college. (And if Shell is reading she know at this moment who I am talking about. Hubby probably knows too.) He was this geeky looking guy; a Comp Sci major, who wore glasses and button down short sleeve shirts. His hair was always a bit unkempt and in need of a cut. But damn, if he didn't have the voice of an angel. You would just die to hear him sing. He sang at my wedding, in fact. "Simple Song", by Bernstein. (It wasn't that simple, and the church organist couldn't play it, but that's another story...) Anyway, his voice was something to write home about. One of my favorite memories is him singing Prince's "Kiss" in this pure, strong, wonderful falsetto that had us enamored and roaring all over the bar on karaoke night all at the same time.

Anyway, Elliot's version of Somebody to Love (one of my favorite Queen songs) was magnificent.

Ace singing We Will Rock You:
You know I have no love for the pretty boy and his so-so voice, but I thought he was great last night. I think the judges were all sharing Paula's Vicodin because I can't believe they were so harsh on him; he do not deserve it. Kellie's performance was so much more a bad karaoke trip than Ace's.

I think she was channeling Tina Turner at Thunderdome personally. She was good, but I echo Simon's opinion here; it was just...weird.

Who did I miss? Oh! Katherine. I hope the audience doesn't think that way though. She rocked her song choice, but it might end up lost amongst the glitz and rock that everyone else through out.

My prediction? Bucky finally goes home. Ace could be a contender too. The judges put the bad mojo on him to swing the public vote.


Speaking of Queen, I am the Queen of Coifs. After being dismayed to find I Party had no colonial costumes, (yes, I knew it was a long shot) I walked four stores down to AC Moore's craft store, with the hope that they had some kind of "decorate your own Easter bonnet." Yes, I am very imaginative. Maybe I should market that for next year, since they had nothing of the sort.

They did have a pile of white bandanas that got my gears turning though. My first thought was that iron on hem stuff, but then I thought: "Maybe they have some kind of hand stitcher sewing thing." Because AC Moore has like, everything you could imagine for a craft or a hobbie to make it easier, things you just couldn't imagine or wouldn't think to look for unless you sewed/knitted/scrapbooked... I love that store. They didn't have quite what I was picturing but they had this:

OMG it was so cute! In fact it's called "Sew Cute" and it saved my life.

Now you have to understand, I don't sew. My domestic goddess status ends at the head of a pin or the eye of a needle. In fact when the kids come in with a ripped stuffed animal and say, "Mommy can you fix it?" hubby busts a gut. I point them in his direction, since he came with the sewing kit when we got married.

So when he and Girlie Girl got back from soccer practice Monday night to see me in the kitchen with this thing trying to fashion a cotton cap, (of which I actually found a printable pattern and direction on the internet. What did we do before the internet? Seriously.) They watched and marveled. Hubby was also amused I think. He said the only thing better that seeing it would be getting it all on video. But my daughter proclaimed my not-so-even little white cap that didn't gather at the crown quite right, "great!" I'd put up a picture but now I can't find it, she must have left everything at school.

The fact that I made her so happy, after baking pumpkin bread with her as well, was a shining moment in what had been a very long, busy, exhausting day.


Leesa said...

Sometimes I feel like society is passing me by just because I don't watch American Idol.

Giovanna said...

Hee. That's how I feel about "Lost" and "Survivor". It's all relative.

That actually gives me an idea for a short short.

MyUtopia said...

I have the original record and I about killed it. : )

Lisa said...

I love your commentary of AI because you actually know music. I am a much less discriminating consumer, but I agree with everything you said. And you were right about Buck-tooth.

I could not be mor proud about yuor bonnet-making if I was your own home ec teacher!!!

S said...

buhbye Bucky.
hello Chris!
When are they finally going to end the madness and finally just give the idol award to Chris?
And I am a huge Queen fan, too.. but WTF? omg.. they tortured me! TORTURE!
And if I have said it once, I will say it again.. Please, please, please vote off the pickle head! I cannot stand one more minute of her whiny ass voice.
Deep breath.. ok, shutting up now... LOL

kathi said...

Another Chris fan, yes. I love this guy, and he seems like such a decent guy! And, have mercy, what a voice.