Thursday, March 23, 2006

One bird who won't sing so gay

The sky fell on Chicken Little last night. Thank God. I didn't see it, who else was in the bottom three? Did Barry Sing?

I'm craving junk food, and it's very bad because the cafeteria has taco salad tonight. I already indulged in a single scoop of ice cream.

I wished I had watched South Park last night! Did you hear what they did to poor Chef in retaliation? Plus fans have started to threaten a boycott of Viacom's MI3 if they don't back off Comedy Central and let them rerun the episode poking fun at Cruise.


One other sports note: Boston's latest Judas.

That's what so great about this town: the fans. If you're a star, if you win, you can't walk down the street unnoticed. People want to buy you beers. You do commercials for local business. You are the home town hero. But God forbid someone "shows you the money," you'll be persona non-grata. You will be booed when you come to play with your new team. They will make T shirts lambasting your name. There are those who might even spit on the ground when they speak it. And they never get over it. Ever. Seriously. People still talk about Bill Buckner's error in 1986. So now I have to laugh at all these people speculating if Roger Clemens will come back to the Red Sox. They are now holding the grudge against Dan Duquette, who didn't want to cough up the bucks back then, and Roger may want to end his career back here.

Yeah, we look much better now with Theo Epstein's open wallet. I still wouldn't hold my breath.


Bee said...

OMG, I watched South Park last night. I absolutely love Trey and Matt. They know exactly what to do to get back at someone. The death did tug at my heart though. I usually love to see the violent deaths on South Park(who doesn't?), but I had to cover my eyes for poor Chef. Sniff.

Did you hear that Isaac might not have really quit the show? He suffered a stroke in January and there are rumors another fellow scientologist quit for him. What if this is true?! Yowza.

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise is a freekin nutball!


Lisa said...

I almost never follow links to news stories (because I'm THAT lazy, and a recap is usually good enough for me). HOWEVER. That was well worth the time and I'm a little uncomfortable with the level of familiarity in the article, though. I mean...I know this is web news, but COME ON! I felt like I was reading a blog...

I still love Chef. I will remember the good times, and continue my tom cruise/angelina jolie boycotts with fervor. (I watched an older film with her in it last night, but that didn't count because it was when sheh was still freakishly married to Billy Bob...I knew she was trouble the minute I heard she had french kissed her brother. blech.)

Ok...I'm leaving now. I hope you know it's a sign of affection when I ramble so...

Giovanna said...

You read that on Dlisted right Bee? LOL. I meant to follow his link to see the source and never did.

I ate taco salad. And had cappucino, and an elephant ear. I feel gross.

KyuBall said...

Colts fans are just as shocked that we picked up Adam from the Pats as Pats fans are. He's been such a clutch closer for you guys.

MyUtopia said...

I totally missed Idol. I haven't watched anything but 24 ,lost and Extremem Make-over home addition "after the storm"