Friday, March 24, 2006

I'm not no limburger

So speaking of how evil are you, I was sitting at this light on my way home from work late last night. There was not another car in sight, or pedestrians since it was after 11:00, and I couldn't help but think how I answered yes to all those questions about lying, stealing music and looking at dirty pictures but I won't blow a red light when no one is looking. Because that's what it's all about isn't it? We're ok with bending or breaking the rules as long as there's a low risk of being caught. I guess next time I should go through the light or else I'm a hypocrite. :p

I got this from Geek. The DEA busted up a drug ring in the SF Bay Area. The bad guys were manufacturing drug laced candies and soft drinks. Brilliant huh? We have 7 year olds bringing crack to school when it looks like crack, can you imagine kids finding this in mommy's purse? Toka-Cola is pretty funny though. What do you eat when you get the munchies though, more pot laced candy? God, you'd never leave the house.

And here I thought a Pot Tart was a hooker who did it for drugs. That reminds me, I would no longer get a tattoo on my lower back because the new name for that is a "tramp stamp". LOL

Ok. Gotta go. Have a blast of a weekend. I know I will. Oh, you should check out Joe's blog. Every Friday he does This Week in Pictures, and his captions are hilarious! You must search archives too. :)



krysten said...

oh snap! whitney is looking ROUGH in that picture!! hahaha! GAH!

i like the Buddahfinger, hahaha!

hey, can't say they weren't being creative...and people say drugs dull the mind.

MyUtopia said...

Dude, that is crazy about the candy man

Nancy Dancehall said...

Reminds me of Weeds. Anybody watch that show?

Brain Diva said...

Hey babe! I hear what you're saying about low risk of being caught. But you know, one thing I could never bring myself to do is drive on a red light. I've never done that because I think it is bad karma. I've never stolen anything either although I've not necessarily pointed out to some cashier when there was an error in what I was charged... LOL

It's so beautiful outside here. I feel so good today. I feel like going shopping to buy myself a new purse. I saw these awesome bags at this little shop, and maybe I should go back to get one. While I was at that store, I was thinking of you because of our convo from last week. I saw the most awesome onsies. They had a pet name on them like sweet pea, cupcake, and pumpkin with a picture of that item. Soooo cute.