Monday, March 13, 2006


I was queen of the freaking mountain this weekend. There actually was snow, and it wasn't frozen solid. Granted, it was 45 degrees out so it was veeerrrry soft, but that's better than scraping down the slope clinging for my life! With the warm air and the bright sunshine it was spring skiing at its best. So, given the conditions, I put fear aside and followed the rest of the gang down a black diamond run. :) I did three, actually, by the end of Saturday. (It was Right Stuff, Airglow, and Quantum Leap, in case Digital Dave is wondering. Hee!) And can I tell you? I used to wonder why people did that, as in go down these steep slopes, or jump off a cliff, or out of an airplane, and now I know. What a rush! When I got down to the bottom I put my arms up in victory and everyone got a kick out of it. I should go post over at their message board.

I also got to see puppy this weekend! Sooooooooooooooo cute! I made my top two choices out of the litter, but hubby and kids make final pick next week.

I feel bad there is so little of substance here lately, but it's been busy and I'm also trying to get some fiction written. I would like nothing to do but write, and construct a great entry, read, and play around with design, but alas I have a zillion loads of laundry, and a mess to put away. This is after I go for a run, and pick up some groceries. Speaking of running, an old friend of mine jumped into the bloggesphere and is chronicling her preps for the NYC marathon, along with life with four kids. Running Mama has been added to my links.

I wish you all coffee, warm sweaters, and sunshine on this foggy Monday morning.


krysten said...

the puppies are sooooo cute!! too bad they turn into, well, dogs! what is that, a lab?

Jobee said...

wait -- the person who complains of lack of time and lots of responsibility is adding a puppy to the household? Are you crazy?

Dave Amirault said...

Atta girl, way to get after the difficult terrain. Now time to tackle Shockwave ;-)

Nancy Dancehall said...

What are you writing? I'd love to read it!