Friday, February 17, 2006


Rain rain go away. I'm so glad that the frigid cold is following it in too, so the slush left on the mountain can freeze solid. I am a hearty New Englander. We don't need no stinkin' powder. We ski on icevarious degrees of hard pack and loose granular and like it!

Sigh. And my kids don't even want to go. So of course mommy, who has to keep everyone happy and make everything good, feels bad because she can't. I know a few mommas out there who hear me.

I am just here while I eat. I have little to say except whine about the weather and my ungrateful crabby children. But speaking of skiing, (Are you bored yet?) I have been meaning to pimp Dave at MMP again, simply because I find his youthful enthusiasm and undeniably 20-something going on 16 year-old boy humor amusing. The audio posts (That you have to scroll down for) from his cross country drive to his new job in Colorado are funny as all hell. My readers from Midwest may take offense at the impressions of a Rhode Is prep boy's opinion of Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska (yes Caila- Nebraska. Bygones!) so be warned. It's all in good fun though.

One of his colleagues at Freeskier Magazine actually went to Central Park to jump off rails and cliffs. It's a cute story with pictures.

Must pack. Is it too early to crack a beer?


[Mat] said...

Past noon, it's legal :)

First time here, found you through Kyuball.

Good day :)

Anonymous said...

David sent my that link, and I had to question if they were speaking the same language. You know I hope people like that feeze in a snow bank and thaw out in June.

Guess Who.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Its ok, kids don't always have to be happy, its just not natural. Their parents are supposed to make them miserable!

Release the bone.

Giovanna said...

I could never guess.

Welcome Mat, thanks for the permission. ;-)

Jobee said...

What's with this skiing thing every weekend? That is a bore - the kids probably just want to hang home with their friends. Doesn't anyone relax anymore?

Jobee said...

On Skinny Dip - pure crap - he turned a researched article about the everglades into crap romantic fiction.

Lisa said...

yeah...skiing on ice! I've heard that's what it's like there, although I never actually skiied in Maine. I tried once, but I was like 12 and scared and who the hell wants to slide straight down a hill of ice anyway??? Skiers here usually have huge respect for new england skiers because of that. Are there two i's in skiier? hm...skier skiier. faack.

I'm with ya on the ungrateful brats island. It sucks here. thank god they're so cute and wonderful the rest of the time, eh?

Leesa said...

I have never skied? Is that a word? I avoid pain and near-certain death. I am told that would preclude me from skiing.

Dave Amirault said...

It is never, ever, ever too early to crack a beer! Thanks for the shout outs. Hope everyone enjoys MMP!