Thursday, February 16, 2006

Let's fold scarves!

It is absolutely freaking gorgeous out. It's got to be over 50 degrees. I love walking around the city on a day like this, with brilliant sunshine and warmer temps. It puts a spring in your step. I think I had a little too much in mine though.

I cleaned up today to go work: a new sweater, my hot Express slacks, pointy boots; I even ironed my hair. I officially looked like cosmopolitan working woman as opposed to my mommy uniform of jeans, a hoodie, and slippers. On my walk over from the parking lot I bee-bopped my bad self over to CVS because I remembered my darling daughter wanted a blue headband to match her outfit for "twin day" at school.
Don't ask.
Ok, well if you insist, she and her best friend get to dress alike for the day. The child literally carried her entire wardrobe across the street in a laundry basket to plan this.

So I buy the headband, (I was psyched because they had a navy one in a single so I didn't have to buy a 3 pack) and go to walk out the store, feeling all badass because I'm looking good and feeling good, and I catch the pointed heel of my boot on the cuff of the opposite pant leg and nearly land face first into the automatic door. Nice! That's karma kicking you down a peg. LOL

That's your public service announcement of the day.

The other thing I must must share, is 'specially for my Jobee. When I get home I will have to link it to Ted and Paulie, even MK and Laura because they will appreciate it too. Now, I am not familiar with the fast food chain In-N-Out, but when I read this story and saw the photos I could only envision us at White Castle at midnight.

The In-N-Out 100x100


Bee said...

EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW to the pictures!! How did they eat all that!?!?!?

I LOVE In-N-Out hamburgers!

Leesa said...

I am not sure what the appeal of White Castle is.

MyUtopia said...

I loved twin day! My best friend down that street and I would go as twins every year. Though we didn't have much of a choice since we were the only white girls : )

Giovanna said...

It had a lot more appeal when we were young, drunk, and stupid.

*waves to chica*

MyUtopia said...

I never liked White Castle, drunk or not. ;) You forgot "high", like Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.

Lisa said...

We have a TON (ok, technically if we're weighing them waaaay more than that, but you get it, right?) of Californians transplanted here, and they all seem to think In-n-Out is the greatest invention EV.ER. So, like good like curious georges, we tried it out--once in Vegas, once in San Fran. Um. Totally not worth the fuss. AT ALL. However, the stuff is cheaper than a whole telephone wire full of crappers. And I have a feeling it's in the category of Nostalgia Love, so they're allowed. I mean, if I'm allowed to pine for Dunkin' grease-fest Donuts, I can at least allow others the same courtesy.

S said...

Loved the Karma story...LOL.

Giovanna said...

Lisa, are you shitting me, you have no D&D? You poor thing!

Thanks Sandi! :)

myutopia, I never inhaled... :p

Jobee the fat-free said...

Why would you think of me and this story? I was never the big White Castle eater (and never participated in the "how many can you fit into your mouth at one time contest"). I think it was all a front - who has $900 to spend on hamburgers, and why would you mention the president of Zappos shoes?

Are you home alone this weekend or en masse?

Giovanna said...

Because it's funny and we can rank on the stupidity of it like we would make fun of Ted and the whole immature crap they still do. And it took place in Vegas.

I am not sure I m even coming now. It was next weekend, and Ian's first gymnastics meet was moved to Fri the 24th.

krysten said...

LOL at the traitor-boot story! isnt that always how it happens. you feel all hot and then out of nowhere something comes along to make you feel like a shmuck. i hate that!

i envy your scarf-wearing weather...we're in the 70s and 80s over here in the desert.

we've started getting In n Out here too, and i dont get it either...their fries are awful! i think the cardboard container they come in would have more flavor! bleah. if thats what "never frozen" burgers taste like, then i'll take mine frozen thanks!

our high/drunk food in Louisiana was Meat Pies. from the Exxon station. you know you're in Louisiana when even the food at the gas stations is good!!