Monday, February 27, 2006

Dead onion says "what"?

That commercial is one the funniest in so long...

I have a very goofy family, and I love it. The thing that I have reveled in the most as I've raised my kids and watched them grow is seeing their little personalities and senses of humor develop. They crack me up. Laughter has to be the best medicine for sure, and there's no better way to beat mid-winter blahs than to spend a weekend with the hubby and kids being just... well, stoopid.

The hubby has always been the King at the distraction game. Many a pissy pout, or tantrum has been broken with the most inane or innocuous thing. The napkin had to be the best. Just throwing a crumpled up paper napkin across the table at a restaurant one evening turned into a fit of laughter and led to the perpetual, "I don't need to get the napkin do I?" whenever someone is cranky about something at a meal.

This weekend we were at Chili's and my two older ones went to use the rest room, and when my son came back to the table, his father spontaneously and oh so non-challantly said, "You know, mommy spit in your soda," causing biggest one to pause a mili-second before giving this little smile and said "No she didn't!" while I rolled my eyes. Of course it needed to be repeated, when sister came back to a chorus of giggles from the rest of us. It was amazing how much "mommy" was able to spit on by the end of the weekend. I feel like all we did was laugh. And it felt good.

Of course, I ate like a pig all weekend, so OPA was non-existent. It's a new day though. I just had a yogurt for breakfast. I am not going to the gym because it's colder than a 40 year-old virgin's va-jay-jay outside. I am taking a hot shower and cleaning up. I will probably do the equivalent of twelve stories on the stairmaster by the end of the day with all the laundry and

Oh, and RIP Darren McGavin.


Anonymous said...

Don't spit on the laundy. And RIP Don Knots too. :(


Lisa said...

Wow...lost two good 'uns. I hate seeing all the actors from childhood dying off.

I LOVE laughing all weekend, though!!! Sounds wonderful and therapeutic and rejuvenating.

Anonymous said...

if I hear you say you have a big ass I will have to kill you. If people saw what you really looked like, they would hate your skinny ass (almost 40 and having three kids and having a better shape than most 15 year olds I know).


guess who :-)

Giovanna said...

*air kisses* I loves you for that.

My ass may not be FAT but this almost 40 woman who birthed three babies can't eat like she used to if she's gonna sit on said ass and write. It's actaully all going to the stomach like mommy. Grrr...

Oh dearie D, I may just have to spit in your dinner. :p

Anonymous said...

oh dearie D or dearie A??


MyUtopia said...

Oh dear is right. I have seen the pics, you are skinny miny.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about family sillieness. I love it when we are all together and something tickles our funny bone. For years and years now(and NO it doesn't get old), when we go out to dinner for example,when the kids and I are in the car, and JUST before Willis opens his door, I instantly lock the doors. Then, Jen, Chris and I giggle hysterically! DID I mention that it never gets old? LOL


Hulles said...

Speaking of silliness, I got here by googling 'dead onion says what,' which I remembered today for some reason and thought I'd look up. I always laugh at that commercial, even when it only plays in my mind. Ciao.