Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mirror mirror on the wall

What is it about size? McD's asks us to Super Size it, Pamela Anderson has the stuff wet dreams are made of, and our junk mail folders are filled to the rimbrim with ways to enlarge my penis, if I had one that is. (I've actually considered trying to construct a story using just the subject headings from those e-mails: EnlargeYourPecker! Hot MILFS waiting! Let's go I'm h0rny. Satisfyher everytime!)

Apparently, in this size obsessed world I no longer have to worry about just my self esteem, my children's---especially my daughter, but that of my pet too? Check out what hubby found online yesterday: Neuticles. And even they have a sizing chart. Can you imagine some guido insisting, "Yo, give my little sparky the extra large cajones."

I suppose it's one thing for a woman who needs a mastectomy to get reconstructive implants, but are they trying to tell me that I am crushing the "spirit" of my dog by neutering him? Does he really no longer feel all "alpha male" if he doesn't have those balls swaggering back and forth while he chases down that frisbee? Seriously??! They are capitalizing on an already terrible message we send to our kids that unless you look like Kate Moss, are a 38 D or hung like a horse you're somehow inferior, and need augmentation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm into my image as much as many other women, up to the point of spending inappropriate amounts of money at my hair stylist and at the MAC counter, but I would never consider making my breasts bigger. (Maybe a nose job at one point but I'm over it.) And my hubby has no need for any "enhancement". ;-)

On a more positive note, I found this last week. Kudos to Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty". Partnered with Girl Scouts of America, it's aimed at raising the self esteem of young girls. Mothers of daughters can download a pamphlet, and if you buy $15 worth of Dove products you can send in for a tee-shirt supporting the campaign. There is also a link to contribute to the Girl Scouts. "Dove believes all girls deserve to see how beautiful they really are." Yes, indeed they do. :)


Jamie: said...

I love that Dove ad that says "firming the thighs of a size-2 supermodel really isn't a challenge" or something to that effect.

Seriously. Our media can make a size 6 woman (me) feel fat (I totally do). It's shameful. Also shameful that I can shuck all responsibility to the media, haha!

We missed you in NYC, lady. Hope The Middle One is feeling better.

krysten said...

btw, for some funny "spam email title" drawings, go to www.spamusement.com.

Joe said...

Maybe I'm cynical about this whole Dove thing (though I agree that the self-esteem thing is important), but to me it smacks of trying to build brand loyalty with young girls (and their moms). It strikes me as nothing more than a very clever campaign.

And for the record, I'm not at all interested in making my breasts bigger...

Giovanna said...

Oh of course, I totally agree Joe. I actually almost included a line to that effect, but then said, eh, why be negative. LOL But yes, it's a fine marketing tool. I was impressed that they at least disclaimed that they don't take donations to this organization, and direct you to GSofA.

It's really not that much different than Nike giving equipment or money toward youth programs, or whathave you. I don't mind self-promotion if it's for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

How often do you and the kids stop at McDonalds? What is wrong with us Americans is that we will be happy to be fat, lazy and unhealthy. Just because companies will use that doesn't make them wrong.

Pa's Quivering Lip

Bee said...

Long live the "average" size! I love it how anything between the sizes of 6-12 sell out first at any store. Is that a sign? = D

Giovanna said...

Hey Pa,

Send me more Loreal makeup and skincare dammit! I have freckles to cover.


krysten said...

G, i just sent you a blog email...lemme know if that helps.

Lisa said...

I LOOOOVE that Dove campaign! I've been seeing it around for a few months and I just get all giddy when it comes on tv. I want to give them the Nobel Peace prize or something. Now if only we could push it through to every product...

Regarding the neuticles: FUCK THAT.

Dave Amirault said...

Oh SNAP. Dave's got what it takes, I'm talkin' downtown. Ha. Glad to hear that tab A into slot B works out for both of you.

Spamusement.com is an awesome site, been frequenting that place for a while.

Jobee said...

I think you'd look great with breasts - comming from Miss 38D herself - :)

Giovanna said...

I think you'd look great with breasts - comming from Miss 38D herself - :)

Are you hitting on me? ;) :p

Just to follow up, last night was nutty with three trips to the gymnastics center, sick children, and dinner, so I never pulled her aside specifically, but they all got a talking to over dinner. This morning she came down for school impeccably groomed, smiled, and proceeded to breath in my face. LOL. "I brushed my teeth mommy!" I thanked and praised her accordingly.

But yes, I think a stern look and privalege or thing taken away is the way to go. Thanks for all the comments guys. :) I'll have a new post up this evening after I get my work done.