Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I loved that book. I can't imagine a musical coming from that, but apparently it is very good. So anyway, I titled this post with a wink and a nod to Jobee, who is as we speak organizing an intervention to break me of some irritating New England traits I've absorbed. I wouldn't worry girls and boys, you can take the girl out of Queens, but you can't take the Queens out of the girl.

Damn that arch was always so ugly!

Suddenly I'm craving White Castle.

Ok, enough. I *am* going to the gym today. Then I am going to Sue's for coffee and to meet her puppy Riley. I have lots more to blog about later. :)


Anonymous said...

I had to do a project for a computer class where I had to go online and find a random blog that I liked. I went to tons and then I found yours. For a mother of 3 you sound like you have so much fun and still manage to stay active. Its nice to see that life doesn't end when you have children!

Jobee said...

Nah, that was just a comment on "wicked", I'm not really planning an intervention. I avoid our friends as much as possible. They're freaks

Dave Amirault said...

Watch out, someone's getting popular in the blogosphere.

Giovanna said...

Now Dave, don't be jealous. ;-)

Jo I know you were kidding, I just thought it'd be fun to run with.

Anon that is very nice of you to say thank you. :)

MK said...

Hey there, only some of your friends are freaks.
Some are nice people : 0

KyuBall said...

Yeah! Sliders!

"What you crave."

That steamgrilled taste...mmmm.

Jamie: said...

do people really CRAVE White Castle? *shudder*

Are there White Castle's in Queens? There's only one in Manhattan, and it's way the eff over on like 10th Avenue or something... I remember looking for it late one night-- we started in the 50s and walked down, finally got too hungry so stopped at Gray's Papaya, then came across it about 2 blocks later, so went ahead and ate it on top of the hot dogs.... ICK.

I can't wait to see you in NY. *kisses*

Leesa said...

I think I remember from my Abnormal Psych class that one predeterminant of certain mental illnesses are the cravings of White Castle sliders.

Giovanna said...

This all cracks me up. J, there is one in Sunnyside across from the bar we used to go to. Last time I did make the mistake of going for some when I was there I paid for it. No more midnight runs for me.