Monday, January 30, 2006

Sheep go to heaven

Excuse #37: "My calves hurt so bad from skiing I can barely walk. No way can I go to yoga today."

It was worth every ounce of agony though. Considering many of the runs were a skating rink the weekend before the conditions were pretty good on Saturday, and I managed to get a few more things to "click". I officially consider myself a blue skier! I am wicked pleased. I used to panic and freak out trying to do some of these runs, but I went down all these intermediate trails with very little trouble. I can't wait to do them once they have more snow, since a lot of them were scraped off and icy. It's not just a personal goal, it's necessity. It gets so crowded on the green runs around the base lodge I'll do anything to be able to venture off to one of the other peaks. In fact, I got so cocky that I jumped on one of those freestyle "boxes"on my skis to amuse my kids. The bruise on my hip this morning is bigger than a tennis ball.

Apparently you're not supposed to "leap" off the rail, just slide off. At least I was wearing a helmet. The way I figure it, I must have burned a bunch of calories with all that work, especially my triceps from pushing and my quads from skating across the traversing trails. So it's ok I don't go today. Oh, and bbob, you're very sweet. I don't need to get a restraining order do I? :-p

Oh- and here's a picture of the new place! It's condo-riffic!

This is the view of Mt. Will from the back. The Sunday River runs back there.

So it's Monday, an icky weather day, but keep fingers crossed this storm brings white gold up north. I want to lounge in PJ's but I have an appointment at noon. Pain in the ass. Random: I love how these kids wear their pajamas to go ski. They show up or walk around the lodge mid-day like they just got out of bed! Clinton and Stacy would never condone that though.

I was reading some of my earlier posts and I used to be much better at this. (Go look 'em up if you're bored or interested.) I'll have to try harder since I have all this traffic now thanks to Lisa. Thank you Lisa. Get writing. We need to egg each other on, you , me, and Leesa. That reminds me I wanted to say that if anyone is interested we could start an online writing group to workshop stuff. Once a month someone could send out a manuscript, and the others give their feedback, blah blah, ideally comments made on the work, plus we meet in a Java chat and talk about the piece as well. Interested? I was thinking I might post some exercises as well.


Leesa said...

Part of the reason I am still alive and have not broken bones is because I live far from snow and have not to date tried to ski.

Jobee said...

Please come home to NYC soon - you are using "wicked" way too much...

Giovanna said...

I am going to try to be home late Feb, the 24th-26th. Shall we do dinner with Mikey?


Jamie: said...

Seriously... there's practically nothing you can do to get your calves ready for that kind of workout.

Can't WAIT to see you in NYC!!! I booked my ticket. Feb 16-26. I'll be in TSq until the 23rd and then in Joisey City.

I'd like to take you to my favorite bar in the West Village, if you can get over that far. *wink*

Lisa said...

I would LOVE to do a writing group! And you girls would make fiiine company (literally and "figure"atively-hahahaa). God, I'm a dork. Writing exercises would be awesome. And some structure to my desperate desire to start a writing career would be amazing.

You're not abusing new england-speak until you start throwing "jeezum crow"s around like a disoriented game of Dodge ball.

Skiing burns like 1.3 million calories per hour, so I'm pretty sure your yoga skippage will go undetected by your body's hall monitor.