Friday, December 02, 2005

We're not the dying swan

I'm waiting for my self tanning cream to dry. Is it the fact that we grew up in this puritanically repressive society that prompts a certain illicit thrill when walking around your house nekkid? Hee.

Here's some random amusing entertainment, not from NPR for a change.

I can't fathom how this man was given a suspended sentence and community service, yet no mention of counseling for a bestiality fetish. And this is Washington State mind you, not Alabama. :p

Bennifer II had a baby, finally. I swear that woman was pregnant for over a year. Are they really naming her Violet? She'll be condemned to have people say, "Violet, you're turning violet!" all the time.

The Catholic church is getting rid of the term "Limbo" I guess that dooms all of those wanna-be priests with unresolved homosexual tendencies going to hell in a fast car huh?

Have a great day, off to get my nails done.

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Gene&Michelle said...

Hi G!
The other big news I heard lately is that apparently Brad wants to become the father to Angelina's two kids. How 'bout them apples (wait no, that's Gweneth's baby).

I just have to say in all seriousness I'm so glad to see Jennifer Aniston with Vince Vaughn... I can't imagine a better "star" choice for her post-Brad.

Time to think about Christmas cards, maybe that will even lead to the ACTION of sending them out!
Gotta go,