Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the sun has gone down and the moon has gone up

I know, I know, it's been days and days since a new post---but eating, drinking, shopping, and skiing just wipe a domestic goddess out. *insert smirk here*

Black Friday shopping was not as fruitful for me as it's been in past years. I stayed away from the coats though, since that has been the site of my impulse buys the past two years. I was in search of shoes for the Snow Ball, and did score a pair of glittery pumps by BCBG at over 60% off, but other than that no major deals. I got a sweater I had my eye on, but only $10 off retail. I wandered aimlessly around 4 floors of Macy's women's apparel, but everything was either too old, too young, too expensive, or just plain ugly. It got me kind of down actually; G not able to power shop? It was awful.

Then I found myself exhausted after all the traveling and a day of skiing I could barely keep my eyes open at dinner and a concert that evening. The hubby too, we made quite a pair. I have joked and whined about aging before, mostly for show since it's a common theme for people my age, but this was the first time I really felt "old".

I don't know if this was good or bad, or helped in some bizarre way, but I found myself glancing at a magazine at the checkout Monday. I've perused it before---it had articles that seemed relevant and fashion I liked. It was called "More" and it is being marketed to women over 4o who don't consider themselves quite the Ladies Home Journal crowd. Anyway, when I turned to the page that said, "Unleash your inner teenager. Who says you have to wear adult clothes?" I immediately dropped the issue into my cart. Bwah!

I most likely won't update again until after the Ball, where I'll give you all the juicy details and pics of how hot I looked. With my handsome tuxedoed man on my arm. :)


MK said...

Have a blast at the ball. Been mising your posts. Maybe shopping did not work b/c you simply did not need anything. Hmmm... says your wanna be Buddhist friend.

Jobee said...

I agree, none of us "needs" anything. And we should restrict our wants. I've been pretty good lately....and Macy's will be out of business by new year's.

Jobee said...

PS and try Calvin Klein - I've had good luck with him lately. Tastful, fun, but not LHJ.

jamie said...

love the shoes!

Giovanna said...

I agree, none of us "needs" anything. And we should restrict our wants.

You're really into those monks aren't you? ;P

I actually did have a "need" such that it is, for a pair of dark brown pants to add to my wardrobe. I am trying to dress more like a person and not throw on jeans and a sweater or tee every day. CK did have a great pair of cords on sale but they didn't quite fit, and were too long. I will keep him in mind though. Glad to hear the help is working out well btw.

The shoes are going to kick my ass, but I need the height.

Jobee said...

again with the "needs" - you don't need height