Monday, December 19, 2005

Love says nothing back but I told you so

There's another woman.

I expected this, just not so soon. She's tall, with golden hair, and peaches and cream skin. Older than him, naturally. My oldest son spent every moment allowed to him with her at the ski resort this past weekend.

All I heard about was how he wanted to go ride with his friend "Taylor" instead of us after ski camp was out for the day. I thought it was cute that he'd made a friend and wanted to be cool and go off independently instead of being with the 'rents. Then the hubby pointed Taylor out to me on the lift line. Silly me, I thought "Taylor" was a boy. (Gender ambiguous names have been altered to protect the innocent. LOL)

She had at least a foot on him! "How old is she???" I asked. The hubby said he thought twelve, but we later found out her younger brother is eleven so I'm betting that's an almost-thirteen twelve at the least.

I tried to tell myself that it didn’t bother me. But I couldn't help but think, "It's starting." His little sister couldn't resist the "someone's got a girlfriend" taunts, ("she is not, she's only twelve!") which gave me even more agida. Suddenly my innocent babies were teens—complete with make-up, inappropriate clothing, and chips on their shoulders to match.

Pass the Pepcid, puberty is approaching.

On a more festive note, I couldn't resist sharing a slideshow from this year's Santa Speedo Run. Seriously, they run in speedos, to raise money for charity. This year 100% of the money went to the Ellie Fund to fight breast cancer. Go look at the pics, you'll laugh your speedo off.


Brain Diva said...

Ah, dearie. They are growing up so fast!

I got a notice on my mailbox to go pick up your package at the post office! Can't wait. :)

S said...

They do grow up way too fast!
My daughter is 14 and now everyone of the male species is "Hot" or a "Hottie" (which is better than just hot I think:)

p.s. I also love the googoo dolls song you refered too.