Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I want a hippopotomus for Christmas

Must post a few tidbits.

First of all, a huge congrats and shout out to my dearest MK, who frequents here. She is now the proud momma to twins, a boy and a girl, born yesterday morning. They join their big brother in the family.

Secondly, I have to give props to a new link: The Bored Housewife. The world is loving Lisa since Blogger put her on the front page. She is killing me with her funny no-nonsense style.

Men like this should have electrodes put on their testicles and and let the victim have the switch.

My beloved Johnny sold his soul to the devil. *sniff* My daughter however, the Yankee fan in the family just to be different, is thrilled since he was the only Red Sox player she liked. I knew this was coming though. He will love the whole star scene in NY though, he can go partying with Jeter.

Now, there are nails to be done, groceries to buy, pie crusts to make, laundry to do, and gifts to wrap. The computer is going off. I'm putting it in its case. I swear.


Jobee said...

has nothing to do with anything, but I hated Bel Canto!

Giovanna said...

Of course it has to do with something, it means you read my whole page. ;) When I am done you can tell me why. I'll devote a whole post to the discussion. Actually, we will be discussing it at my message board.

I need to put kids to bed, make pie crusts, and hang curtains.

Jobee said...

Duct tape, Betty Crocker ready-made and buy blinds. What is this message board? A web site and blog are not enough?

I always read what others are reading. I go through so many books that I need recommendations. You are several books behind my book club.

Giovanna said...

You are several books behind my book club.

[mikey whine]"eeeeeoooh! Jobee's so above us all...eeeeooh."[/mikey whine]

:p I am also always behind the latest net thing. I had the message board with the site, just when LJ's became hip. Now we're onto blogs.

I guess you don't need any of my recs then. I loved Wicked. Have you read that yet?

jobee said...

Wicked - read it 2 years ago and loved it. You are SO behind. I put my recent reads on my blog so you can catch up.

As for the annoying Mikey whine - his only response when I'm right...

Anonymous said...

Too bad the woman in your rape article wasn't a vigilante. GRRRRRR