Monday, December 05, 2005

Let your troubles roll by

Before I dish the Ball I have to tell you about the amazing meal we had before hand at Bonfire. I have eaten at a few of Todd English's restaurants before, and they were nice, but this Bonfire blew them out of the water. I started out with a seasonal martini that was made with vanilla vodka, apple cider, champagne... something else I think too, in a cinnamon sugar rimmed glass. I could have had three of them! For an appetizer the hubby got oysters, which despite being raw had a smokey flavor to them. We asked the waitress how they did that but she was clueless. I had a salad with arugula, red onion, roasted beets, and goat cheese in a port vinagarette. I have had two salads in my life that were to die for, and this was one of them. I must try to recreate it for Christmas dinner.

We both were carniverous for dinner: Hubby had the rib eye with bernaise sauce, and I had the “Churrasco”:Butterflied tenderloin, potato cake, Gorgonzola crema, shiitake mushrooms, sherry vinegar glace. I won. Hee. For dessert we shared Key Lime pie and a decadent chocolate cake.

We got to the ballroom with about 40 minutes to spare for the free champagne reception, but of course there didn't seem to be much champagne left. We chatted with a few event people the hubby knew. There were some incredibly beautiful women at this event, I have to say. Seriously, I spend the entire night oogling other dresses and shoes. Of course, then I bond with people as we heave compliments upon each other. Mine are sincere, honestly. As we danced I kept noticing all the shoes I looked at in the stores. LOL

Funny story of the night, there was a woman at the reception who had squeezed her 38D breasts into a size 6 little black strapped slip dress. I thought the hubby's eyes were going to fall out of his head. :p Of course, then I couldn't stop staring, because it really looked like she was going to pop out of the thing at any moment. In fact, I began to clearly see aereola peeking above the bodice. I became obsessed with trying to get a picture of it. I tried holding my camera in discreet positions, then I had the man stand in between us so he could step aside at last minute for me to snap the photo, but this larger woman obstructed my line of sight, so it was not to be. I was looking forward to posting it as the trophy of the night.

I looked hott of course. You know the expression "dressed to the nines?" Well I was dressed to the 10's baby. Bygones to PETA fans, but I wore my mother's mink jacket. I mean when else am I going to wear fur? Jobee, I await your feedback as always. ;) Anyway here are some samples:


MK said...

Insert whistle here...
You look(ed) great.
Sounds like quite an adventure. But I'd worry about that breast obsession thing you've got going on. And him too. SOunds like mere spectacle.

Giovanna said...

But I'd worry about that breast obsession thing you've got going on.

Really now? Some worry about my obsession with women in general lately.

How you feeling moma? Is it gonna be a merry Christmas?

Jobee said...

my 36Ds have never popped out of my dresses - the whole idea of modesty is out the window.

As for the ball - maybe the woman gave all her money to the charity so she couldn't afford a bigger dress? I'd so love to think that was true....

Jobee said...

Correction: Mine are 38Ds