Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We will, we will, rock you

Ok, a quick kid story because Little J is just hilarious as many of you know. He has this Blue's Clues book that plays songs and an instrument for each page of the story when you press the corresponding button. There are also buttons at the end to press for a clap sound and a drum. So he has the book out last night, and he says, "Mommy listen, doesn't this remind you of the baseball game?" and he proceeds to press the drum and clap like this: Dum Dum – clap, Dum Dum – clap. (And if you don't get it, look at the link, and the title of the post and think about it.) So I laugh, and say "Yes it does, how neat you figured that out!" Then he does it again and says, yes and it also is the beginning of Weezer. I was roaring. I swear to God, this 5 year old knows more about pop music than most twenty-year olds!

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Bee said...

Yowza, your kiddie is too cool for school! =D