Friday, September 23, 2005

Keep your friends close...

Ok, I had to share this. Opie and Anthony had a story this morning about a recent President Bush press conference where apparently he looked down at his notes and then called out to his "planted" reporter...

Who wasn't there. *snort*

[Bugs Bunny voice]"What a buffoon! What an ignoramus!"[/Bugs Bunny voice]

Watch it here. (windows media file.)

Oh, and two other observations:

Katrina showed us how bad we are at responding to a catastrophic disaster.

Rita has already showed us how inept we are at carrying out a mass evacuation. Can you imagine NYC in the following scenario?

"There's a dirty bomb somewhere in the city that could detonate in 24 hours. Please take any means necessary to evacuate the city. Brooklyn and Queens should proceed out I495 to Suffolk County. Staten Is and Lower Manhattan: use the bridges and tunnels to NJ. The Bronx, well you can try you luck with the GWB or hoof it upstate."

My sister pointed out that Halliburton is in Houston, and our President hails from the fair state of Texas. Hmmm... Is it Bush-bashing to be comparing response efforts? I know, I know, they learned from the Mistakes of Katrina! *insert eyeroll here*

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Anonymous said...

I love Bugs Bunny! I can hear him saying, "What a NinCOWpoop, what a gullaBULL"