Sunday, September 04, 2005

express yourself, don't repress yourself

Sunday morning driving music: Jack Johnson, and Rufus Wainwright.

I love the freedom and rush I get from driving the stick on a beautiful morning like this almost as much as much as sex. (don’t act all aghast, you know you like it too.) I swear work is lucky I show up on nice weekends; I just want to keep heading north.

Don’t you just want to be bad some days, and give in to the dark side? Talk about those deep dark things you normally wouldn’t in polite conversation? Act wanton and lustful? Tell people to f*ck off?

Everyone has that dark side. Those feelings you push back because they’re repugnant or horrible, or even just “not nice.” Jung called it the Shadow. There’s nothing wrong with it. Accept it; embrace it; love it; it’s part of what makes you human and whole person. Of course in the world of psychology the concept of Shadow is more complicated than my oversimplified example, but still similar. These little good vs. evil struggles play out in our daily lives in the way we choose and react, the way we form relationships, and the more cognizant of your inner (perceived) failings or negative traits, you can resolved conflicts within you that you may not even be aware of.

Of course we have to love our Shadow responsibly and within reason. But what fun is that? So come on, what “Bad thing” would you do if you could? Anonymous comments welcome and strongly encouraged.


Anonymous said...

I would tell mutual friends the things that would make them mad at him.

MK said...

If that side ruled, I am sure I would be a death penalty proponant. As it is I am very aware of the racist system and could not in good conscience support anything like it besides the point that I would simply support life w/o parole if possible.