Sunday, August 28, 2005

Swim out past the breakers, watch the world die

I was having a really weird but cool dream about an online acquaintance sending me a card saying she was coming to visit me, when I was awakened into one of the largest hangovers I've ever had in my life by my husband who pounced upon the bed saying:

"What would you think about scurrying about like a mad woman to clean up party mess and get to the beach by noon?"

My brain thinks, "Oh God my mouth tastes like paste and my head feels like it's about to shatter and did I really wake up in the chair in the family room at 5AM when the last thing I remember was watching Jon Stewart with my niece and brother-in-law?"

What comes out of my mouth is a groan. He takes that as a no, but I manage to mumble audibly that no, I can try to swing it. I make him promise to stop at Starbuck's on the way so I can get a grande iced vanilla latte. (They were the bestest thing to hit Booney-ville since Ace Hardware.)

To rewind for just a moment, yesterday was our annual summer BBQ. As usual, it was a smashing success. For food we did surf and turf - lobster rolls and steak tips, and the coolers overflowed with beer and wine. (Hence the passing out on the mommy-chair midst Tivo'd Daily Show and the subsequent hangover.)

I made it to Misquamicut without losing my latte, and it turned out to be a wonderful beach day. The waves were incredible! Well, by Northeast Coast standards. Even I had to go in, which says a lot. I am, by tradition a sun goddess. I generally only go in the water just enough to cool off hot skin and splash a little healing sea water on my acne-prone skin but today, I felt inspired and playful with a bunch of us there, and the surf so huge. I took the boogey board out. Way out. I paddled the thing for Heaven's sake! Hee. We waited it out for the "Big One." The problem was as big as they were they were still breaking too quickly to ride. I finally wiped out big time, inhaled my weight in water as my chest met the ocean floor and I was done. But I felt pretty damn good. Once I stopped shaking.

I tried out the new camera. The video comes out awesome! Once I figure out how to edit and upload that I will post video of my biggest one on his skim board. But I had to share these two pics:

I call this "Almost Famous" (ROFL!) look in my sunglasses...

This is my baby wishing to boogey board completely unintimidated by the formidable waves:


MK said...

What digital camera did you get?

Giovanna said...

The Kodak V550 Easy share. It's 5 MP and does video. Wicked small too.