Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The resignation of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has the media all revved up and no place to go until Dubya names his nominee. In the meantime one space filler has been revisiting the last time nomination hearings were held: and the controversy surrounding the testimony of Anita Hill regarding the behavior of Clarence Thomas. She was vilified, he was approved. I was too naive and preoccupied with being a twenty-something bride to be in 1991 to be incensed by her treatment by Congress and the media. Today I heard an interview with Anita Hill on NPR's "Here and Now" and I learned a lot of what I missed back then.

All I can say right now, I hope that what she went through doesn't dissuade anyone from coming forward to testify now, and that people will have taken a cue from history and not have the acrimony over confirmation that we saw then.

On a brighter note, I got a Grub Street Free Press in the mail today, and it got me psyched for writing. There was a little article about "pre-writing" your novel, and another on taking criticism. There was a student fiction piece that I could have easily written. (She says shamelessly- LOL) I can't wait for workshop to start next week! Plus I am going to really, really, really think about the story I want to tell and my characters. It feels good to have some positive emotions and not that I suck. Because I don't suck.

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