Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Fielder's Choice

Johnny Damon shaved his beard. This pleases me, because as my Nana would say, he has such a nice face. The hair I can deal with, but that cave man thing had to go. Granted, facial hair has is usefulness. If you don’t know what I am talking about give it a whirl.

We had a nice holiday in NYC. Granted, I've had nicer. I feel like the time I spend with my parents now is ruined by me noticing every dysfunctional interaction and wondering how that impacted me and my relationships. Therapy sucks in such in that way. But baseball solves everything. I've decided baseball is a great metaphor for life, and plan on writing an essay on said topic. I am also taking a fiction workshop that starts next week so I will keep everyone posted. So to speak. LOL

Right now I am off to read "My Sister's Keeper," an amazing book- I highly recommend it. I've decided that I am going to spend the summer immersing myself in other people's fiction instead of the pretend world I create in my head. My sanity might be better preserved that way. I also might feel less like an abnormal freak.

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Brain Diva said...

That looks like an interesting book.

I am sorry if therapy has made you hyperconscious about relationships/interactions. Hopefully, that will wane over time as you integrate what you've learned about yourself, I'm sure.