Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I made this whole post with pictures and captions and blogger crapped out on me. BAH!

I am not doing the whole thing again tonight, but I will post a few.

This is what I like to call: "The stalkeratzi find the Domestic Goddess and her sister reading trashy magazines.

My little ones at Shea Stadium.

Me and the love muffin at his graduation from pre-school. I am going to cry like a baby when he gets on that bus, no matter how much I am looking forward to the new-found freedom. This is the complex nature of life as a woman and mother in 2005.

There is another new post about my workshop below this one, so don't forget to scroll down!

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Bee said...

Your kids are growing up fast! Wasn't it yesterday when you sent me a clip with Justin signing "All that Jazz"? = 0