Saturday, July 09, 2005

Let it bleed

I heard the live version of that song yesterday. The Stones can be so raunchy but when you're in the mood for them, it hits the spot.

I have absolutely nothing of substance to offer today, because anything of depth going on in my head would be seen as just more of my personal, obsessive, self-indulgent bullshit that everyone is sick of hearing.

It's freezing in my department. I am wearing my jacket, and my fingers are ice cubes- I have to keep sitting on my hands to warm them. omg wtf? thsi is nutz!!&*&*(&*(^*

I spent over $300 at the jewelry party I went to. Gotta love retail therapy.

I'm just starting an entry in hopes that peeps will come play with me at work.


Brain Diva said...

Hey babe. I had a nice night out last night. Long walk, good company, tasty coffee, it was very pleasant. Oh, and I found that the bras I like are being sold at Winners (which is a store that sells label clothing for cheaper) and I got a bra for 10$, instead of the 35$-40$ I usually have to pay. I'm happy!

Besides that, nothing much to report. Wow, you went crazy with the jewelry. What did you get?

Giovanna said...

I got a pair of "huggie" silver earings, the leather choker with the silver slide on it, and a bracelet- which I just love the most: it has square silver link, about 2cm with rustic toned semi-precious stone inlay and a toggle clasp. It was on page 22 of that catalog if you still have the link. I don't have it here.

I am now in A's office, which has heat, so I am much happier.

I have a stomach ache, and want to crawl back into bed and not come out until everything is all better. Kinda like cryogenics for the soul.

Brain Diva said...

I'm not exactly sure which of the bracelets you mean. They are all pretty though.

I'm currently just waiting for my chicken to be ready to eat.

Brain Diva said...

Ah, stupid link. I'm not sure why it doesn't work since I linked it to the exact page. I guess that website doesn't allow you to do that. Bah.

Giovanna said...

what kind of chicken are you making? I ate Cheesecake Factory and I feel sick now.

I am working with two twenty-somethings discussing men and relationships. *snort*

I don't want to go home after work, I want to go out.

Giovanna said...

Oh, and we figured out how to fool the thermostat by putting a bag of ice water on it, and then the heat cranks into the room. Only then it gets too hot, so we have to keep taking it off, then putting it on...etc.

Giovanna said...

I am going out after work. :) Ciao until later!

Brain Diva said...

Have fun. TTYL.

jamie said...

I kind of take offense to that "20-something" *snort*.


Giovanna said...

I'm sorry, which birthday is this coming up?? :p

jamie said...