Sunday, July 10, 2005


I just had this whole fucking post typed, and was trying to add my links when something froze and my browser just closed on me and I lost it, and I am almost ready to cry right now because I just spent like over 45 minutes on it.

Not that it was anything really. All I wanted to do was open a thread for Jamie, and Gen and anyone else who would like to just say hi and bring something to talk about because I get so trapped here at work for 12 hours...

It's all Britney's fault, I was trying to find this picture of her online that Star has of her with her "is it twins?" belly hanging out over her open fly.

The title of the post comes from a beautiful song I heard on my commute in this morning by a jazz vocalist named Lizz Wright. I decided it was so true and it would be my mantra of the day. I also dedicate to J because that is what we do as silly fun at work when songs come on.

How can you lose your song
when you have sung it for so long?
How can you forget your dance
when that dance is all you ever had?
It must be true:
you can't separate the two
It's impossible to do,
just like the salt in the stew
It's all a part of you.
The thing that life cannot do,
it can't take your song from you
So when life brings a chance for you to give your part away,
don't just stand there feeling scared
Now, listen to the truth
It doesn't matter what you do
Still gonna be you,
just like the salt in the stew
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's all a part of you,
1 thing that life cannot do
can't take your song from you
Hey! oh, oh on't be afraid
because there could be a treasure right there.
Life can't take
you don't give it
No! It can't take your song from you


jamie said...

love love love it. Can you send me the track?

~Musicless in San Francisco

Giovanna said...

No tengo, solomente escuche en la radio.

Don't ask me why I am suddenly asnwering in spanish.

I am having fun with soundboards:

Giovanna said...

It's so nice outside. We walked over to Starbucks for coffee. I'm wired for speed now until 10:30 PM.

I think I might need to go to the beach tomorrow.