Sunday, March 08, 2009

This place needs a makover

I just looked over Blogger's templates and they are the same sorry shit they had like 2 years ago. What's up with that?

I'll have to summon up some Google mojo. In the meantime, what's new? Anyone been laid off recently? Had your 401K plummet? Finished any knitting projects? I am being the queen of procrastination. Sort of. I have been keeping up with house and kid stuff, but today, when I have free, quiet time, I am like, I should write! I should blog! I should knit! So naturally I just started surfing the news and getting sucked into wignut vs. liberal political commentary. But I'm weaning myself off I swear. I can to blog instead. Well, I came to putz around with my design, unsuccessfully. So I decided to write a brief love note, to the six or so people who still drop by. I am gradually stepping back into the writing of commentary, rather than reading it.


I know, I sound like an abusive boyfriend, all talk. But I will.

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dw said...

Missed you, hun. I kept checking back here to see the same post from January. Glad you've decided to update. Good luck in finding a template you like. I played with mine blog not that long ago and changed it around with a new template that I kinda like.