Sunday, September 07, 2008

Semptember morn

Not mourn mind you. We did make it home from Provincetown, in case anyone was wondering. The boat didn't capsize in the raging seas of Massachusetts Bay. However despite using protection we again had two out of three episodes of emesis. (Wow, my spellcheck doesn't know that word.) We actually broke up the sail home into two legs: we went to Scituate on Sunday, stayed the night and went to Boston the next morning. It was against the wind both days. Ugh. Monday was beautiful though. Plus everyone got a full dose of Dramamine, even Littlest One before we left. None of this "let's give half to start and not zonk everyone." They all thanked me for it, and rode the bow the whole way home.

School started with an uneventful bang. The girls and I celebrated over coffee. The new house is starting to look more empty of boxes. We are having a weekend of power-unpacking. The garage I can't say the same of. Must deal with that before the snow flies. The man is home doing manly things---using his drill to hang towel bars and putting plate covers back on all the plugs and switches. I'll post some pics soon.

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dw said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear there are less boxes in the new house now. I've been bringing things over little by little to the condo, reusing the same boxes, and so far one room (the office) is collecting most of the stuff (at least the non-kitchen stuff). New furniture comes tomorrow! I'm real excited and plan to spend the night there for the first time. Will have to get cable and internet moved in order for the move to be "official."

Can't wait to see your pics!!