Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm shocked!!

LIAR LIAR pants on fire!

Ok. enough. I just wanted an excuse to be sarcastic about something other than the GOP or the Federal Reserve. I'm taking a load off with a cup of coffee before I shower. Yes it's noon, but I finally got the basement clean and almost unpacked and organized. Now I'm going to look at clothes from Kokoon. There's a rep in Medfield having an open house today. I really like the clothes; they're comfortable, and stylish, and easy to layer.

I promise house pictures soon!


dw said...

I am still trying to get furniture into my new place, so you're way ahead of me! Well, I've got boxes that I've been trying to organize in the "office" (it's a third bedroom that I'm using as an office), so I guess that counts as unpacking. Sorta kinda. Check out my LJ as I posted a couple of furniture pics. :)

Anonymous said...

My co-worker is also a rep and having a Kokoon open house in November. Let me know if you want to join me.