Monday, August 25, 2008


"You know, you haven't blogged in like, forever," my sister IM'd me today. I haven't blogged in so long it appears Blogger changed my Dashboard.

Anywhos, while I've been ignoring my faithful audience, I've entertained myself by reading other blogs, watching video of magazine interns eating cat food, and following the drama of a con man who kidnapped his daughter and may have killed his California landlords back in the 80's. Oh, and I moved and have been living amongst boxes which I am desperately trying to unpack in a somewhat organized fashion. And China did its best to suppress it's totalitarian state held the Olympics. Oh, and I learned how to sail a 38' sailboat on my own. Well not literally on my own, but as in Me, not with the hubby and family in tow. I felt empowered to the nth degree.

So here I am in my new house. No baseball tonight, no Olympics, so the DNC is providing me with entertainment and the nudge to give some attention to politics and the upcoming Presidential election. Michelle Obama is going to speak to me in 50 inches of high definition glory.

The house is huge. I am loving every inch of unbridled space. Kids play in the basement. I unpack boxes undisturbed. I try to keep up with dog hair. The older two have now brought their own laundry hampers down and done their own laundry. I am dreaming of the day the last bits of contractor stuff is done and I don't have peoples in and out. I can't wait to have window treatments.

Thursday we leave for Provincetown. We are taking one of the BSC's boats. It's about a ten hour sail with decent wind. The NWS is suggesting we may have that to spare. Once there we plan to tie up and just be tourists for the weekend---rent bicycles and go visit the dunes and beach, maybe see the Pilgrim Monument, hopefully dodge rain. We'll sleep on the boat. It's actually very spacious and comfy. It's completely stocked with housewares etc. We just need to pack food and our "stuff". I consider it high-end camping without dirt and bugs. I might try to mobile blog from the trip for fun so stay tuned.


dw said...

Yay at you unpacking boxes! That means you're finally making the space yours! I've moved some stuff over to my condo, but the only furniture I have so far are two bookcases from Target, a five-shelf plastic thing that I've had for years, a TV stand with nothing on it yet and chair in a bag. Provincetown is such fun! We went up the Pilgrim Monument, went to a pirate museum (don't know that it's still there) and went whale watching (saw over 27 humpbacks and calves). Enjoy!!

Jobee said...

I was going to complain that you hadn't blogged in a while too. Since you are the only one I can read from work, you need to entertain me more frequently.

Good for you for unpacking. I still have one box on my terrace (from January 1999).

Anonymous said...

Forget the unpacking, you could have at least put some kind of warning on the link to the interns eating cat food!!!!
-- magnoliajem