Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank you, Calvin Klein

It's amazing how comfortable your underwear becomes when you come to the realization that your 41 year-old ass is bigger than your 29 year-old ass and you buy a few new pairs at a bigger size.

And yes, I know many of you are getting your mini-violins out for me.

House update: It's officially listed. It looks gorgeous! We had an open house with a lot of traffic. Some interest but still in limbo. Other agents are seeing it today, and it's being shown to someone tomorrow. Think good thoughts.

Kids are out of school. Hooooooray. We slept until 9AM this morning. Mmmmm... Of course they bickered from 10-11 so ask me how I feel in two weeks.

1 comment:

dw said...

Great that the house is listed! Here's hoping you get some nice offers soon!