Monday, June 30, 2008

Movie Review of WALL-E

You know all the hype you’ve been hearing, the glowing reviews for Pixar’s “WALL-E”?

Believe them.

You must see this movie. Remember back when you saw “Toy Story” and marveled at this new-fangled computerized animation? Despite seriously having what I would refer to as cinematography, that doesn’t even begin to speak to the brilliance of this movie.

There is no dialog for like the first half-hour of the film. Yet you come to know all about WALL-E- as our “hero”. Even without words you learn how and why the Earth is this apocalyptic-like trash filled wasteland. There are all the subtle nuances meant for the grown ups, but this time, they coax more of a melancholy smile than a guffaw. When we see humans as these obese, technology-addicted blobs who don’t even walk anymore, it’s funny-but at the same time it’s not.

Yet it never ever crosses the line into preachy-ness. Even the “bad-guys” aren’t really bad; they’re computers just following orders. That’s not a spoiler is it? I hope not.

The little “homages” to other classic films are wonderful. And the irony of the whole opening scene is too good to be true. I must get the soundtrack.

Run to see this movie. I swear it must be nominated for best picture, and it wouldn’t be a farce.

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