Monday, March 24, 2008

Sarcasm and irony rule had the following article about a popular new blog, "Stuff White People Like."

From the Globe:
It was an instant-message conversation about the critically acclaimed but little-watched HBO drama "The Wire" that led to the creation of the blog Stuff White People Like. Christian Lander, a Los Angeles-based white Canadian and his friend Myles Valentin, a Filipino Canadian, were chatting about why white people didn't watch "The Wire." They began trading jokes about what whites occupied their time with instead: divorce, therapy, attending plays.

In January, Lander, with occasional assists from Valentin and others, began creating satirical posts about the social and cultural habits of a group of whites they were familiar with - middle-class liberals. They detailed this group's love of coffee, film festivals, and organic foods, then moved onto their enjoyment of difficult breakups, Barack Obama, and divorce. The blog has attracted a diverse group of fans and started conversations about race. It has also made some people uncomfortable and faced criticism from those who see racism in it.

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