Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Idol time!

We kinda hopped on the American Idol bandwagon once it got down to the final 12 because we've been so busy. Last night was only the second time I've seen them sing. I have a clear favorite already. Care to guess? David Cook! I think he rocks. And Chikezie is growing on me. I'd like to see Brooke White go far. Oh, but WTF is up with the chick with the Morticia hair? And she can't really sing either.

I am just whipping out this post so I can make predictions before the reveal show comes on at 9:00. For the boys, despite his pretty boy youth appeal, I think David A. is a strong contender for the boot given that he forgot words. The other David H sucked too though. As for the girls, I'm sorry but we already have a crowned a country queen Idol. Kristy Lee Cook is a Carrie Underwood wannabe. She sings tonight.

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