Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year

Happy 2008. Yawn. Isn't New Year's Day a little anticlimactic? In fact, as I sit here and type this entry girlie girlie is asking why daddy isn't at work, and he looked at me and said, "Why do we consider this a holiday? So we can recover from drinking the night before?" I do kind of like all that Year in Review stuff. I didn't see or read any of it though.

Considering all the drinking I did last night I don't feel so bad. Our neighbors came over (the parents of the BFF) and brought margaritas plus we had champagne. Nothing a few cups of Tassimo coffee can't fix. Yum. Girls, we're doing coffee at my house this week.

My Christmas dinner came out fabulous. I make my usual leg of lamb, with tons of garlic and parsley. The gravy came out extra tasty this time. (My secret? Baste with bourbon! Just call me Julia.)ETA: Everything I learned about cooking such a great leg of lamb was from my dear mommy. There! Happy Sissy? :p ) I was like, pouring it into my potato skin. Hee. The wine flowed, and I got a really cool backgammon set in the Yankee swap. You can hang it on the wall and it looks like a vintage "pub" game. Then the kids and I scooted up to ski for the long weekend. The mountains are getting clobbered with snow so far this year and I am so psyched. Digital Dave from MMP was home from Colorado for the holiday and we got some runs (and some beers) in together. The boy is sick. He proudly had my kids jumping off cliffs on their snowboards. I shudder to think what they'd be doing if I wasn't with them. I missed the shot of Biggest One coming off the jump. He landed it pretty sweet. I can't get over my girlie doing this and hitting the rails in the park.


Anonymous said...

uh hum, lets give credit where credit is due for the bourbon basting!

Giovanna said...


Fine. Mommy taught me how to make the best lamb and gravy. :p

Anonymous said...

now don't just tell me......