Friday, January 11, 2008


Tonight is the sleepover of the century. Girl of the 00's that she is, Girlie Girl will host 5 of her friends tonight for lots of eating and whatever it is eleven year-olds do at a sleep over. I never had sleepovers. Well, maybe kind of in High School, Jo you camped out in Queens a lot no?

Anyway, the actual birthday is Monday, the sleepover is tonight, so we can still drive up to Maine Saturday for her to compete in a slalom/GS on Sunday. So, pray for me tonight. Of course, they will want nothing to do with me unless it involves providing sustenance and ice cream cake, so odds are I'll have a quiet evening with the TV and the couch. :)

Speaking of girls and sleeping, is birth control illegal in the state of California? What is it with the Hollywood baby boom? I would think that if they can't keep their legs closed they should at least be familiar with a condom no? Norplant? IUD? Ummm THE PILL? Britney and her Irish twins, Nicole Ritchie, Lily Allen, Jamie Lynn, Jessica Alba, rumors of Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne and out there too.

There was a great column from Ellen Goodman last week about Hollywood and recent films glorifying teen/unexpected pregnancy, showing the "happily every after". You can read it here. I adore Ellen Goodman.

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Jobee said...

I'm not sure if they were sleepovers or "we stayed out way to late and drank beer" nights and it was safer than riding the subway alone back home.

As for the BC rant, no one wants to use condoms. Norplant would leave scars and the press would focus on that instead of their fashion. The pill would be best, but it takes someone fairly mature with a stable life to remember to take it every day. Hell, I can't even get an IUD so none of these young'uns would be eligible. I guess they don't even have a good pharmie to recommend Plan B.

Scientists need to focus on a way to turn off breeding in both boys and girls and it gets turned on (pun intended) when ready to spawn.