Thursday, January 24, 2008

Borrowed laughs

I shamelessly stole this from Dave at MMP.

"Wha'youtalkin'bout Hills?"

I also have a very good friend who is on Planned Parenthood's mailing list, and found this in her e-mail the other day. Since she hasn't shared it on her blog, I hope she doesn't mind me putting it here, it was too awesome not to post.

Dear ________,

This is your cervix writing.

I know, you might've forgotten I existed until you got this e-mail just now (what with vagina and clitoris always hogging all the attention). I bet you wouldn't even recognize me if you saw me - me, your very own cervix!

The letter goes on to educate on ways to prevent cervical cancer, the second most common cancer in women, making sure to add in the closing, "Don't have a cervix? Forward this e-mail to the people you love who do have cervixes!" (Is that really the plural of cervix? My spell check doesn't like it, and it looks funny. More than one ox is oxen, no? Though I suppose axes is more than one ax. And then there are boxes. Boxes and cervixes. That's good. BWAH! The back and forth exchange this spurred was even better than the email itself, but you kind of had to be there to appreciate it. ) My OBGYN is always telling me I have such a "pristine" cervix because I've never had a baby pass through it, I've had all sections. So, I do love my cervix, and I would know it anywhere 'cause it's so beautiful.

So, the point of it all is <3>your cervix! Celebrate National Cervical Cancer Screening Month and get a pap smear!

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Jobee said...

I actually didn't read the whole letter - it is more funny than I thought.