Friday, December 21, 2007

Present time

What was your most memorable Christmas (or Hanukkah) gift? My mom asked me this once. If I was basing it on my childhood, I would say the Barbie head that you got to put make-up on and style her hair. I wanted that so badly, and was so excited to get it. (See, I was always a product whore! Hee.) Or the other was when we came home from my uncle's house late Christmas Eve to see a big chalkboard easel, a bicycle with a flower basket,(omg and that is the exact one!) and sitting in the basket was a baby doll. I named her Elizabeth because it was my favorite name. On the board written in chalk was "Merry Christmas G, Love Santa". I must have been really small for that one because I have no memory of Lil' Sissy poo being there or having a pile of presents.

As a grown up, the first thing that comes to my mind is the year my hubby got me this wonderful red wool hat. Not like a knit cap, but you know, a hat. I used to dress a little weirdfunky and I loved that hat. It was so me.

Ok, class participation time: what was your most memorable gift?


jobee said...

Used to dress wierd??...maybe still :)

Anonymous said...

most memorable gifts for me was the Christmas when Santa gave wrapped "pictures" of my gifts (a tennis racquet and a walkman) because he did not have enough time to "make" the gifts and deliver them to parents were to take care of that...
btw G...I loved my barbie head too...until I decided to cut her hair into a 'dorothy hammel'..that was the end of her ! needless to say I'm a beauty school dropout !

Anonymous said...

My Favorite was the Barbie Airplane. It could fold up and you could carry it like a suitcase. I was sooo cool. Funny the picture you have of the Barbie head has some serious push up and a deep dark tan.

Wow I am old.