Saturday, October 20, 2007


I love that my daughter always has a smile on her face on the soccer field. It's really cool. She never has one of those "game faces" or gritty determination scowls, it's always this wide-eyed, excited, grin. I can smell the determination emanating from her; she wants a goal so badly. She got one last week. Today, no one got the ball to her, despite being in the right position to score most of the game. They won though, 1-0. She however, did nothing but berate herself for a poor performance in the second half, because she was playing a position she hated, and had her foot slip on a corner kick. I gave her specific praise for what I saw her doing great, and told her, "well yes, you had that flub," but her teammates had worse goofs, "but if you played hard, and tried your best, but that one thing was bothering her then the only thing to do was to work harder and practice for the next time."

I am so full. I ate junk food all day. An Italian sub for lunch, loaded waffle fries at Friendly's while the kids ate dinner, and now some chicken wings and beer while watching the Sox kick Cleveland's ASS back to Ohio. Well, we have to win one more game, but Curt pulled another one out of that arm of his (and JD Drew finally got the big hit) and we're up 10-1 in the 8th. 10 runs, and not one of them from Big Papi or Manny. Ah, well hold on to that for a moment, Ortiz just got a double and Manny's up.

I spent a fortune on yarn today; I'm making an afghan for each kid. (so they stop dragging and throwing mine all over the floor.) The girl next door is having a baby and I want to make her a baby blanket too. I just made my niece mittens and am going to make a matching hat for them.

Going to NYC next weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Jobee and Lil' Sissy poo.


Jobee said...

Send me details on your arrival and the plan for meeting etc.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know you made mittens.

postmodern said...

You make afghans? Cool!