Monday, October 29, 2007

The naughty bits

(Or daddy's boo-boo.)[/inside joke]

This weekend I went down to NYC for a bridal shower. It was for the fiance of a dear childhood friend, and I guess in Queens-speak going to the shower is tacit "We like her and approve". LOL. Seriously though we like her. She seems to know just exactly how much of his BS to take and what to give back. Jobee and I went together, since both of us wanted to go, but neither of us knew anyone else there. Those of you who know Jo personally will recognize what an adventure this would be. Make note now, (though I'm sure she will blog about it, in a more entertaining fashion than me) if she ever gets married, none of that bows-on-the-paper-plate-hat, cute-favors-ginzo-crap. She wants to see dildos and slutty lingerie. The Bridal Shower Bingo was good for amusement, of course she got a blank free space on her card so naturally Jo wrote in what she bought. They were passing around a little book for people to write messages and I had to resist the urge to write, "Run now! Don't do it!". :p :p ;)

Afterward we went into AC Moore crafts since she'd never been in one, and ooh and aaahed over all the yarn, then over all the other multitude of craft projects. I was telling her about how some moms send in goodie bags for classroom Halloween parties, and they'll take TootsieRoll pops and wrap them up in little pieces of white cloth to make them look like ghosts. Yeah, and I send mine in with a bag of Kit Kats. But hey, I kind of have time for that this year. What should I do? I bet I could make some scary spider candy or something. Not. She did teach me how to circular knit on double pointed needles, (thanks again dearie!) Oh the troubled life of us upper middle class suburban moms.

The evening was spent at my sister's with the guys watching the Red Sox win, eating empaƱadas, and being incredibly sophomoric for 40 year olds. It was great.

Don't forget to get your taco tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I love a good inside shout out.

Jobee said...

Oh, but the sad part was we were all free from spouses and kids and all we did was eat junk food in front of the telly. And we werer all falling asleep by 1am. We are OLD! What happened to the clubs and bars we used to go to? What happened to our youth?

And you should tell the boo boo story.