Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Day 2 of the 3 Day Komen Walk

Saturday was still hot and hazy, but better. We got to walk through the woods for a while, in the shade. (I kept thinking about TXF and "just a little walk through the woods...") Then we passed a Dunkin Donuts, and I just had to get an iced coffee. Hee. It really helped too. I had hoped to make better time, and be able to enjoy some of the activities they have at camp in the evening, but it just wasn't happening. The last 4 miles back through the reservation were up and down hill, over this uneven rocky path that was just killer. Ugh. We kept laughing because, every time we met up with a crew member they would say, "3/4 a mile to the Grab-n-Go!" Then another, in what seemed like 20 minutes of walking would say "Less than a mile to the next stop!" Um, guys? You're not helping. Which is it? It was taking forever. I said to my new teammates, "Just think of how great your ass is going to look after this," and another girl walking nearby added, "Bounce a quarter off that ass!" We were ROFL. I echoed that the rest of the weekend.

The people along the route were just amazing. Between friends and family, and just residents with kind hearts, we had people everywhere between pit stops ready to offer Popsicles, cold water, and ice for dunking our hats and "doo-rags" in. Residents misted us with hoses, or just
turned them on and left them out on their walkways. It really reaffirms your faith in humanity.

Sunday, the weather was picture perfect, and we just really wanted to get this thing done. And we did. I told the girls, "wait until you walk into that holding area. You're going to cry." And they did. LOL It was amazing, the cheering, the music blaring, everyone clapping... it's really a giant pep rally with 2000 people. You walk through and high-five everyone who's already finished lined up along the path, then you check in and get a rose and your tee shirt. The we wait and cheer those arriving after us, until finally, they announce: the last walker is coming. The place went nuts. After that we lined up and walked the final victory lap out to the closing ceremony.

People I won't forget this year: the big, burley, man with the walking stick and big cigar. He wore this wooden angel, and on it was the names of the loved ones of those who donated. The young girl walking all 11 events and hopes to raise 1 million dollars. She actually has 600 K already! The team Baghdad Breast Defense, which was pretty much this man Jeff, who was able to obtain a leave from his company in Iraq to do the walk in honor of his sister who died from breast cancer last December.
Oh, and BTW E & L, you are walking with me next year. I already have the name of our team:
"Tough Titties!"


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Congrats - and I'm glad you wore Mets colors!

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I'm super proud of you!! Congrats! =D