Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sowing the seeds of love

Everyone one of my summer tees, tanks, and halters rides up over my belly. It's not cute on a 17 year old, it's even less cute on a 40 year old.

Plus only one pair of my shorts fit.


Needless to say, I finally got said fat ass to the gym. An hour of cardio kick-boxing, and then I stayed for half of her next class, Zumba, which is a latin dance workout, and I wanted to see the steps. My knees and lower back are killing me. I will be dead tomorrow. So frikken out of shape. Ugh.

I am posting this before Idol is over just to get my predictions in. I think it was cruel to make them sing Bee Gees songs. Bottom two: Blake and Lakisha. Kiki goes home tonight I fear. Blake is really on my nerves. Melinda rocks, but I think Jordin really has a chance to win.

I also have been setting up to get gardening! I bought annuals, some veggies, and started some from seed, instead of sowing right into the ground, as last year that didn't work well for me. Must make my garden grow.

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