Saturday, November 11, 2006

Saturday nonsense

The weather is absolutly gorgeous outside. It was a "Left Lane for G Only"-open the sunroof-crank the classic rock-kind of commute on the Mass Pike this morning. Gotta love that.

Given it's Veteran's Day in the U.S., I found this story very moving. I wish I could attend the reading. War Stories: Literal and Literary
"To Lieutenant Colonel Paul D. Danielson, a US Army Reserve combat surgeon from Holden, the difference between amputating a soldier's foot in Iraq and treating a civilian in the United States is that the soldier is more apt to say, "Thank you, Doc."

There was some other fun thing I wanted to post, but I can't remember now. I have to go write like, a bazillion words because the deficit is backing up from Thursday and Friday.

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Giovanna said...

okay, someone voted "they never heard the song."

Jamie is going to pass out.

And check out the word count. I'm still behind, (the widget is all messed up) but it's better.

Hmm, maybe not. By the end of tomorrow I should be at 20,000 words to be on track. All I did today was tread water. Bah!

Ugh this plot is going nowhere. I am too dialog heavy and not enough descriptions. I think I am already thinking "Adaptation."