Monday, November 20, 2006

Post and run

Check out that word count baby! I wrote over 8000 words in Maine this weekend. It's amazing what no internet and TV can do for productivity. :p Maine is beautiful. Go Maine! Choose Maine!

So, on the drive home, we stop for gas and Red Bulls, and I catch the front page of the NY Daily News and the Post. Tom and Katie's wedding is the whole cover, full color with a headline that rivals VJ day. But my faith in humanity was restored when I caught a headline on I think USA today or something local:

Fox affiliates refuse to air O.J. Simpson interview You know, this is the one where he got paid a zillion dollars to write a book about how he "would have done it, if he were responsible". Ugh. Just when you thought he might have taken the plane to nowhere, he's back for more attention. How does that man look himself in the mirror in the morning?

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krysten said...

i concur. seriously, this is not what a sane person would do. and especially not what a sane, innocent person would so.