Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monster Mash

A trip to iParty is enough to make me hate Halloween. Granted, I should try to go a time other than the week before the holiday they live and breath for. I thought by going in the late morning I'd be ok, you know? Dayum, the place was a bloody mess, (as usual) and there were way too many people in there for 11:30 on a Tuesday, and even some teens. One of them made me laugh to myself as they rounded a corner with a shopping cart whining, "Why do I always have to be the mother?" I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying, "Get used to it honey." LOL

I got everything I needed, except for these little plastic spiders that you put in that fake web stuff. They were out. I need them to put on the cupcakes I'm making for deary daughter's class party. I'm a room mother you know. ;-) Kiss my ring. I know, I have two co-moms, and one of you is reading. :p

I hate when my errands take the whole effing morning. Well, an hour of it was the gym. But jeez, I just wolfed down food and now I have to shower before kids get home.

Krysten to answer your question about the Lasik, with the new computerized mapping and laser they can do amazing things, and will most likely bring your vision to 20/20, or at least not enough away from it to notice or need glasses. I guess they just don't want you expecting "perfection" when nothing is foolproof. For a while you might be left with glare or a halo effect at night, in rare cases it's permanent. For someone in the 40 year old range they advise deliberately under-correcting one eye (the non-dominant one, I believe) to stave off the need for reading glasses, since that is the age we lose the ability to adjust for close vision. This is what they did for me, and while I don't know what my final vision will be, right now I can tell that my right eye is blurry for long distance vision, and it's annoying me. LOL

I get a check up tomorrow, I'll keep you posted.

Off to shower, I stink.


D_Man said...

I dislike Halloween because it's not even our holiday, yet all the homeys still come knocking on your door expecting lollies. And they're not even dressed up. "Yeah, we are! We're homeys!".

krysten said...


i'm totally gonna be a homey this year. that's hysterical.

"we're homeys!"