Thursday, October 19, 2006

I can see clearly now...

So I didn't fry any eyeballs. That's a lovely image, I know. I got home from the procedure yesterday and pretty much passed out until 7:30. Valium and Percocet is a beautiful cocktail let me tell you. I then stretched across the couch and listened to the Met game. Ok I peeked a little, but the eyes felt pretty good. AND I COULD SEE! Hee. Hubby was the best. He picked me up, helped me navigate to the car, got us Chinese food, and then was super-daddy while I was passed out. It felt so good and safe to know I was in his hands and things were in control.

This morning was weird. I still had the shields on my eyes so it's not like I woke up and stretched to greet the day 20/20. But I turned my head and saw my clock without pulling it up to my face. Sweet. My left eye still hurt though, and the right was blurry. Overall I could see, but I could tell both my eyes were not the same, you know?

Back at the eye doctor I checked out fine though. My flaps looked "great". Well why the hell does it feel like I have a huge grain of sand in my eye? Well she said it looked great, not that it was flat and smooth. I have to keep using my drops and give it a few days. I think I overestimated my ability to work today; it was miserable. My sunglasses make it a little better, but now I have to listen to my co-workers call me "Stevie" and "Ray" and generally just laugh when I walk into the room.

Tomorrow when I can see a little less wonky I will tell you exactly what's involved in LASIK first hand. Stay tuned... LOL


Lucky Star said...

It's my 3 year anniversary next week, and I have long since slipped into "ungrateful bastard" mode--because I forget I even had it!! I think this is a good thing. :) I'm so excited for you!!! It's the coolest thing EVER.

Anonymous said...

congrats girlfriend !!...I was going to call you ,and thought I'd wait until the weekend...glad things are well...I'll call ya later for all the gory details !