Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Remember when Hershey's miniatures had a foil wrapper which was then covered by the paper sleeve that told what each one was?

It's faux now. It's all one piece. And it isn't even foil anymore, it's just paper. I used to crunch the foil up into little balls and flick them at people.

It's just like when they changed the Barbies to be made out of plastic that didn't cause cancer. Ok, well maybe not just like that, but you know what I mean.

But, vinyl is making a comeback. I might have a fortune in my parent's basement. File them right behind the comic books I haven't done anything with yet.

Serious vacation needed---and coming. T-2 days and counting. CDK and I (and spouses) plan to have assorted rum drinks in our hands for 96 hours straight. Well except for when we sleep. You know what I mean. I cannot wait to see her. :)

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Leesa said...

Sorry about "What if ..." Seems like the paddles did not work. I met some cool chicks from Boston recently. I really want to hate Northerners but every one I meet from the north is nice. Really upsets me.