Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Comcast bastards wont let me use my own mp3 to upload or share, so I had to use their stupid music. The theme song for the weekend was Moby's "Beautiful" and it went so well with the slideshow. Meh!

Anyway, this is my attempt at audio visual editing. LOL

My 3 Day slideshow

I changed it to be just the link, as it would open each time the page loaded.


Bee said...

Girl, you have me in tears. I'm soooo proud of you.

*big hugs*

krysten said...

way to go Gina!!!! that is amazing and so inspiring, where can i find out where one is happening where i am???


and especially meaningful after this past month... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your slide show. I would love to do something like that next year here in the burgh.