Saturday, August 12, 2006

omgwtf summer is almost gone!

Which is a good and bad thing, I guess. I can't wait for ski season, and for my pain in the assmy knowledge hungry kids to go back to school of course. But at the same time I'd love to relish some lazy hazy days with a cold one on my deck, ya know?

Today is the not so desperate family BBQ, hosted by us. Whee! I'm keeping it simple this year, just burgers and dogs, but to keep it real I'm making potato salad and my new super garden pasta salad. That said my coffee is done and I must get cooking! Tomorrow it's off to NYC to see my family for baby's baptism. My older sissy poo is up from Florida. :)

Sox won last night! Whoot!



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Jobee the loafer said...

If you keep adding music to your blog, work will know that I'm not working!